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Visit the new Cosmos website to learn about the ATOM token, and the incredible upcoming features that IBC will enable.
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Cosmos hub upgrade
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A new era for Cosmos
Join the biggest event in the ecosystem since the launch of the Cosmos Hub.

Stargate is a set of upgrades that complete the original roadmap laid out in the Cosmos Whitepaper. For the first time ever, Cosmos blockchains will be able to connect with each other using the first standardized protocol for inter-blockchain communication (IBC).

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What’s new?
These upgrades bring significant performance improvements to blockchains built with Cosmos SDK. Discover all the amazing features of the Stargate upgrade below.
Efficiency gains up to
Faster full node sync
Faster upgrades
Inter-Blockchain Communication
Cosmos SDK-based blockchains can incorporate the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol to communicate with other compatible blockchains. The Cosmos Hub is the first blockchain to support IBC in production.
State Sync
For blockchains built on top of Tendermint Core, the full-node synchronization process will be reduced from 2 days to just 30 mins or less.
Automatic upgrades
The upgrade module facilitates the upgrade process of chains built with Cosmos SDK. Migration from one version to the next will take little to no time, as opposed to one hour or more before.
Full-featured Light Clients
Light clients are lightweight alternatives to a full node, allowing a wide range of devices to safely and efficiently receive blockchain data for new network nodes and inter-blockchain communication.
Transition from Amino to Protobuf
Protobuf brings performance improvements and developer acceleration to Cosmos SDK-based blockchains with efficiency gains of 10-100x, and wider language support.
Get involved
You can help bring the Cosmos ecosystem to the next level, by participating in the testnets, community discussions, spreading awareness on socials, and voting on governance proposals.
Proposal #37 · Passed
Stargate --> Cosmos Hub
Stargate upgrades are coming to the Cosmos Hub on Feb 18th
Proposal · coming soon
IBC --> Cosmos Hub
Enable IBC transactions on the Cosmos Hub.
Calling all developers
Prepare for Stargate -->
Prepare for the new era of Cosmos by testing your integrations against the Stargate testnets.
100% complete

The latest releases of Tendermint Core, IBC and Cosmos SDK are ready for Stargate. Are you?

Now is the time to integrate with Stargate and prepare for the imminent ecosystem upgrades.

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Core Developers
Stargate is made possible through the hard work and coordination of many dedicated teams contributing to development on Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core, IBC and Gaia.
Calling all contributors
Bug Bounty Program
We depend on the community to assist us with testing so that we can increase confidence in the Stargate software releases.