The Internet of Blockchains is on the horizon.
A new era for Cosmos
The biggest event in the ecosystem since the launch of the Cosmos Hub.

Stargate is a set of upgrades that complete the original roadmap laid out in the Cosmos Whitepaper. For the first time ever, Cosmos blockchains will be able to connect with each other using the first standardized protocol for inter-blockchain communication (IBC).

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What’s new?
These upgrades bring significant performance improvements to blockchains built with Cosmos SDK. Discover all the amazing features of the Stargate upgrade below.
Efficiency gains up to
Faster full node sync
Faster upgrades
Inter-Blockchain Communication
Cosmos SDK-based blockchains can incorporate the Inter-Blockchain Communication (IBC) Protocol to communicate with other compatible blockchains. The Cosmos Hub is the first blockchain to support IBC in production.
State Sync
For blockchains built on top of Tendermint Core, the full-node synchronization process will be reduced from 2 days to just 30 mins or less.
Automatic upgrades
The upgrade module facilitates the upgrade process of chains built with Cosmos SDK. Migration from one version to the next will take little to no time, as opposed to one hour or more before.
Full-featured Light Clients
Light clients are lightweight alternatives to a full node, allowing a wide range of devices to safely and efficiently receive blockchain data for new network nodes and inter-blockchain communication.
Transition from Amino to Protobuf
Protobuf brings performance improvements and developer acceleration to Cosmos SDK-based blockchains with efficiency gains of 10-100x, and wider language support.
Get set for testnets
Validators, wallets, block explorers, exchanges and zone developers are among the primary services affected by the upgrades with Stargate. Make sure to schedule time for integration testing on the various testnets.
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An upgrade of the Cosmos Hub to Stargate (Cosmos SDK v0.37 --> v0.40). Highly recommended for Cosmos Hub validators.

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A community-led testnet aimed at the wider Cosmos ecosystem and independent zone developers.

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Zone Developers
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The first simulated upgrade of the Cosmos Hub and the primary public integration testnet for Stargate-readiness.

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Preparing to upgrade

    Validators of chains that will implement Stargate upgrades – beginning with the Cosmos Hub – should prepare by helping run the Stargate testnets above.

    More detailed instructions and guidelines on how validators can prepare for the upgrade will be published in due course.

    Cosmos Hub Validators
    Joining stargate-4

    Your current "operator_address" and your "consensus_pubkey" are required via pull request. These keys will be used to generate a genesis file for the upcoming testnets.

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    Joined stargate-4 testnet?
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    Wallets and Explorers should ensure they are able to use the old Amino endpoints and the new Protobuf queries to get the correct expected results from their queries using stargate-4 testnet.

    More detailed instructions and guidelines on how wallets and block explorers can prepare for the upgrade will be published in due course.

    Joined stargate-4 testnet?

    Confirm your Stargate readiness β†’

    Use the Stargate IBC Skill Matrix to guide you in supporting IBC with your upgrades.

    Make sure your signing and querying software is ready for the Stargate upgrade by testing the features and your infrastructure ahead of time, using the stargate-4 testnet.

    More detailed instructions and guidelines on how exchanges can prepare for the upgrade will be published in due course.

    Joined stargate-4 testnet?

    Confirm your Stargate readiness β†’

    More detailed instructions and guidelines on how zone developers can prepare for the upgrade will be published in due course.

    Not ready to upgrade?

    Stargate involves a lot of breaking changes that may make it difficult for you to upgrade, if you have already written a lot of code for Cosmos SDK 0.37/0.38.

    The community supports an SDK 0.39 Launchpad release that includes backported bug fixes. The Cosmos development teams are working together to document a clean migration path from Launchpad to a stable Stargate release.

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    Migration guides

    Help the Cosmos ecosystem upgrade by contributing your own migration guides to the community.

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    How do we measure progress?

    The various parts of the Cosmos stack, upon which Stargate is built, each have their own milestone. The progress of each milestone depends on how many outstanding tasks there are. As more tasks are created or completed, the percentage will fluctuate until no more tasks remain and the milestone is achieved.

    Status updates
    Colourful plumbobs around a blue planet with nine hexagonss
    Core Developers
    Stargate is made possible through the hard work and coordination of many dedicated teams contributing to development on Cosmos SDK, Tendermint Core, IBC and Gaia.
    June 23
    Stargate Q&A with Zaki Manian
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