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Prepare for Stargate
The future is here, Cosmonauts! Start integration testing with Stargate today.
Imminent upgrades

Service providers have until February 18, 06:00 UTC to test their integrations with Stargate before the upgrades are launched on Cosmos Hub.

How to prepare
Wallets & Exchanges

Wallets and Explorers should test to ensure that the legacy Amino endpoints provided on the new chains are compatible with existing services. It is highly recommended to start planning a transition to Protobuf endpoints as Amino support is expected to be discontinued in the future.


Exchanges should ensure their signing and querying software is ready by testing the new features against their infrastructure ahead of the Stargate upgrade. Use the Stargate IBC Skill Matrix to guide you in supporting IBC with your upgrades.

Zone Developers

Prepare for Stargate by upgrading your applications and modules to support the latest Cosmos SDK 0.40.0 release. See the resources below for migration guides.


To implement the Stargate upgrades, validators should prepare by helping to run the final Stargate testnet.

The future of Cosmos depends on you, Cosmonauts!

Joining the testnet
chain-id stargate-final
The previous individual testnets have all ended to make way for the final testnet to be used for service provider integration and relayer testing.
Join stargate-final, the persistent, non-adversarial testnet that replicates a Stargate-enabled Cosmos Hub
Use the public endpoints below to interact with the stargate-final testnet.
Public RPC endpoint
Public REST endpoint
Not ready to upgrade?
Cosmos SDK

Stargate involves a lot of breaking changes that may make it difficult for you to upgrade, if you have already written a lot of code for Cosmos SDK 0.37/0.38.

The community supports an SDK 0.39 Launchpad release that includes backported bug fixes. The Cosmos development teams are working together to document a clean migration path from Launchpad to a stable Stargate release.

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Explore the testnet
Browse the testnet with your favorite community-run block explorers.
Calling all contributors
Bug Bounty Program
We depend on the community to assist us with testing so that we can increase confidence in the Stargate software releases.

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